A Product That Resonates Takes Time

When we first started putting things together we knew that there were serious pain-points within organizations of all sizes and that their ability to make business-decisions from technical data was limited.

To make matters worse (and to throw salt in the wound), most of the data was available but it was silo’d and not easily understood or translated into business-centric outcomes.

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On Staying Healthy

Last week I shared a few thoughts regarding Jeff Bezos’ 2016 Shareholder Letter and, in particular, how we are trying to emulate a “Day 1” type of business and organizational culture that can execute with high fidelity and continue to grow and scale in the best ways possible.

Although we are serious about building a successful product and business we know that we can’t build one without a sustainable and healthy company culture, and we know that it starts with how we understand and treat ourselves.

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On Being a “Day 1” Company

Something that has been passed around the internet profusely is Jeff Bezos’ 2016 Shareholder Letter which is a masterclass on what leadership looks like from someone who has survived some of the worst technology-centric economic trials in our recent history and who has lead a company to growing marketshare, profit, and brand awareness.

It’s crazy to think that Bezos has been doing this for 20+ years and to read his 1997 Shareholder Letter (also attached to the 2016) is uncanny in its sheer prescience and then, of course, the fact that he and his team have executed marvelously.

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On Building Momentum

Startups live and die by the velocity and the resulting momentum that they build as they continue to iterate and scale.

And the lack of velocity and momentum is what can certainly kill any organization of any size! Whether it’s engineering, product marketing, sales, or human capital, if an organization doesn’t have and increase momentum then the end is an inevitability.

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Going Back to (Startup) School

Never stop learning” is a trustworthy adage that everyone can agree with. But what I’ve discovered is that there are two types of learners out there, the first are those that are proactive in their efforts to continue learning and then there are those that are less so.

It’s not that the latter group doesn’t continue to learn – they do and they can learn a ton! Most folks fall into this group as they continue to build relationships, grow their career, and encounter new challenges through the work that they already do.

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On Predictive Analytics

One of the things that’s currently “in vogue” right now is machine learning and anything dealing with artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms in software.

In fact, if you don’t have at least one of those things in your startup pitch deck you may be deemed “out of touch” or irrelevant (this is, of course, a joke…).

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Context is Missing in the SDLC

As we continue to grind on making the Software Development Life Cycle a bit more useful to most folks we’ve been encountering a lot of positive validation from within and without our own networks.

The reality is that most (all?) technology companies just aren’t getting the throughput that they really need to maximize their tools, their systems, and perhaps most importantly, their people.

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A Useful View of the SDLC

When a business and organization launches a software product they are executing against the SDLC, a Software Development Life Cycle (or sometimes just generically called “Systems”).

Regardless of how codified the organization’s system might actually be, they still execute against it in gist, the general process of planning, developing, testing, and then deploying software into the wild.

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Intern with Pinpoint

I’m excited to share that I’m opening up a small “internship program” today!

The reason for the quotes is that there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to call it an internship but that’s what it essentially is, so, I’ll dispense with the creativity and call it what it is!

If you’re interested then continue to read! If not, well, there’s always yesterday’s issue of #EngOps which has some really good content to read, curated by yours truly!

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