News Feed Design Experiments: February 2017

As you know, we’re heavily investigating and building out a new way of showcasing actionable data in a friendly and familiar form: The glorious news feed.

We started experimenting with a newsfeed-ish prototype late last year and provided a simple retrospective of that work. We’ve continued to iterate on our growing data models and all of the data that we’ve ingested into our system(s) and wanted to share our progress as we put it together.

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You Have to Be Like Pollen

The goal for any early stage company is, of course, to build a product that people want. There is no point in building a company if you have any other plans outside of that!

But, an important ingredient to understanding what people want (so that you can build something valuable for them) is to let them know that you do, in fact, exist. This is why we started “marketing” and leaving nothing to chance, so to speak.

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A Few Stats on our #EngOps Newsletter, 5 Issues In.

A few weeks ago we rebooted our newsletter and are currently working to publish 2 issues per week (tomorrow will be our 6th).

Although we’re just beginning to gather data around our effectiveness I thought that I’d share a few stats that we have so far and give you some additional thoughts on what we’re doing and how we’ve managed to put things together.

So let’s jump in.

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Show Me The Data (And Do It Nicely)

Dovetailing nicely with one of our previous posts on “humble pie” we’re continuing to build our data model(s), our backend(s), our infrastructure as a whole as well as the design(s) that we’re showcasing our early testers.

One of the biggest challenges when working with a ton of data is how to best show the data to an end-user in a way that’s truly intuitive. In other words, data is great but if the customer doesn’t know what they are looking at and if they can’t extract immediate value out of what they see then you’ve failed terribly.

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A Simple Customer Interview

It goes without saying: Getting early product feedback is an imperative for any successful startup and if you’re not doing this then I can say with confidence that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

But early product feedback can take many different forms and sometimes it means that we’re sitting down with an early alpha tester and watching them walk through an early version and sometimes it means having a simple chat about what their current frustrations are and the pain points that they feel in the environments in which they work.

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A Little Slice of Humble Pie

As we build out our early-stage product (and find great folks to Alpha Test it) we’re naturally working on all of the things related to the back-end (e.g. data, modeling, etc.) as well as the front-end (e.g. design, UI/UX, etc.).

The exciting and yet challenging thing at this point is that we have a completely carte blanche environment and anything that we do initially isn’t inherently wrong or qualitatively bad.

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EngOps Newsletter

We’ve been iterating on every part of our small (but growing) project every week and this obviously includes many of our public and more forward-facing experiments as well.

And over the past few months our email newsletter has taken a number of different forms, starting with just an “announce only” newsletter for general and more infrequent updates and then morphing into a daily subscription that included a mega-list of tools, resources, and more.

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It’s Time for a Technical Newsfeed

A few months ago we began experimenting lightly with a newsfeed and I even built a prototype based on what we believed would be most useful for a software professional.

Although we’re one-hundred percent committed to building out our analytics platform we know that the communication of that data is just as fundamental of an ingredient so that we can move toward actionable insights.

A newsfeed, of some sort, feels about right.

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