On Real Agility and Competitive Advantage

The Scrum Alliance recently released their yearly report (download here) which gives a broad-sweeping overview of how organizations of all sizes are applying an Agile-based approach to building software to not only remain relevant but to innovate and create true, long-lasting competitive advantage.

And what they’ve found is that the agile methodology is not only being applied outside of the immediate world of information technology and software development but now also around business practices as a whole. The philosophy Agile Frameworks and Scrum clearly allow for these creative applications!

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A Product That Resonates Takes Time

When we first started putting things together we knew that there were serious pain-points within organizations of all sizes and that their ability to make business-decisions from technical data was limited.

To make matters worse (and to throw salt in the wound), most of the data was available but it was silo’d and not easily understood or translated into business-centric outcomes.

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On Predictive Analytics

One of the things that’s currently “in vogue” right now is machine learning and anything dealing with artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms in software.

In fact, if you don’t have at least one of those things in your startup pitch deck you may be deemed “out of touch” or irrelevant (this is, of course, a joke…).

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Context is Missing in the SDLC

As we continue to grind on making the Software Development Life Cycle a bit more useful to most folks we’ve been encountering a lot of positive validation from within and without our own networks.

The reality is that most (all?) technology companies just aren’t getting the throughput that they really need to maximize their tools, their systems, and perhaps most importantly, their people.

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A Useful View of the SDLC

When a business and organization launches a software product they are executing against the SDLC, a Software Development Life Cycle (or sometimes just generically called “Systems”).

Regardless of how codified the organization’s system might actually be, they still execute against it in gist, the general process of planning, developing, testing, and then deploying software into the wild.

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Sweating the Small Stuff

In software engineering, the details really do matter.

Our world was quickly reminded of that with the recent AWS outage that was caused by human error, a small yet powerful command that was, unfortunately, committed incorrectly:

Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended. The servers that were inadvertently removed supported two other S3 subsystems.

And the world came to a screeching halt and organizations lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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We Must Serve the User Through Intelligent Organization

One of the craziest things happened this past weekend and it couldn’t have been better timed (I love how that happens)! I’ll share that in a bit, but first, let me share a few thoughts about the basis upon which this important event was ever-so fortuitous…

As you know, we’ve been obsessing over the creation of a developer-centric newsfeed and we’ve been iterating on it for the past few months, which you can see through the archive of posts on this blog.

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Thoughts on The Power and Importance of Digital Reactions

Reactions. You have them, I have them, we react and respond to changes within and without our lives all the time.

What we’ve been introduced to relatively recently is the ability to react and respond digitally. It might seem like forever ago but reactions to content is still, on the much larger scale timetable, a relatively new idea.

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