It’s Time for a Technical Newsfeed

A few months ago we began experimenting lightly with a newsfeed and I even built a prototype based on what we believed would be most useful for a software professional.

Although we’re one-hundred percent committed to building out our analytics platform we know that the communication of that data is just as fundamental of an ingredient so that we can move toward actionable insights.

A newsfeed, of some sort, feels about right.

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The Convergence of Product and Content

When we first started putting things together we not only began building product but we also began creating content. As mentioned in a previous post, we simply didn’t want to leave this opportunity on the table, especially since it was in the realm of our control.

And as we’ve shared we’ve experimented with a number of product iterations (e.g. news feeds, bots) as well as content strategies (e.g. email newsletters, twitter, this blog). Like any good startup, experimentation, early customer feedback, and speed are our greatest assets and a distinct competitive advantage.

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Engineering Ops: Actionable Analytics and Insights

Part of our quest to build a product that people need and want is to identify opportunities that create high levels of value for the users that we hope to attract. This is the same goal that most, if not all, product companies have and so it’s not entirely unique to us.

But what is distinctly different is how we’re going about our own discovery process and instead of asking the folks that we’re interviewing their obvious needs we are, instead, asking to help us identify what they know they don’t know.

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On Software Programming and Artificial Intelligence

The tooling and technology around software engineering has been rapidly increasing in size and scope and the things that were once very costly and that required a lot of time can now be executed near-instantaneously.

This, as many of us are familiar with, is a natural extension and expression of Moore’s Law and it’s more exciting than ever to be in computing and software. It can also be a bit scary (if you think about it for too long).

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What’s in a Name?

One of hardest things about putting together a new project is coming up with a suitable name. And, as I shared a while back, when I first starting blogging weekly about this project I mentioned, near the end, that it would be called “Pinpoint” until a better name came along or until we felt specifically inspired.

I even shared that, regardless of the name, that I really cared more about the brand as a whole (and perhaps a mascot of sorts) – we have all lived long enough to interface with companies and products that we love that have some of the strangest names to date.

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Thoughts on a Developer-Centric News Feed

A few weeks ago the internet celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the so-called “News Feed,” which was universally popularized by Facebook.

For those who were late to the party, this technology and experience was hated when it first came out but eventually it forced its way into our daily user experience through cunning, iteration, mass adoption, and perhaps a little peer pressure to boot.

And, to be honest, it got people to stick around, engage, and it became a fairly copacetic relationship between the users and Facebook, as a business. And today, regardless of what you think about Facebook’s News Feed, we all can heartily agree that it’s here to stay. And, it has inspired many other companies to follow suit.

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Win Them Over

I’ve been thinking more and more about the individual developer, the challenges that they face, and the daily needs that they have (like standups and other such engineering activities).

And the more and more that I’ve focused my conversations around the individual engineer the more I’ve been reminded that they (we) are the key to the very future of our world.

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The “Developer Graph”

I’m not a super-fan of Facebook but the service and technology is impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere and it’s a daily (if not hourly) tool for many of the closest people in my life, like my wife.

For all that I don’t like about it I am reasonable to understand and appreciate all of the value that it does create for so many people, organizations, and businesses.

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