A Simple Content Marketing Playbook for Startups

I’ve already spoken a bit about our efforts to grow a platform and a community around our early-stage company and because we know that it works we’ve been at it since Day #1 (and we obviously encourage you to do the same!).

Our motivation was simple and we decided, among many other reasons, to take and heed the advice of David Bailey (whom I’ve already quoted before):

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You Have to Be Like Pollen

The goal for any early stage company is, of course, to build a product that people want. There is no point in building a company if you have any other plans outside of that!

But, an important ingredient to understanding what people want (so that you can build something valuable for them) is to let them know that you do, in fact, exist. This is why we started “marketing” and leaving nothing to chance, so to speak.

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A Simple Customer Interview

It goes without saying: Getting early product feedback is an imperative for any successful startup and if you’re not doing this then I can say with confidence that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

But early product feedback can take many different forms and sometimes it means that we’re sitting down with an early alpha tester and watching them walk through an early version and sometimes it means having a simple chat about what their current frustrations are and the pain points that they feel in the environments in which they work.

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EngOps Newsletter

We’ve been iterating on every part of our small (but growing) project every week and this obviously includes many of our public and more forward-facing experiments as well.

And over the past few months our email newsletter has taken a number of different forms, starting with just an “announce only” newsletter for general and more infrequent updates and then morphing into a daily subscription that included a mega-list of tools, resources, and more.

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Marketing From Day #1: Leaving Nothing to Just Chance

One of the purposes of this blog is to share, candidly, our learnings as we go about putting together a new technology product and business.

This means that, at the very least, we want to share the things that we’re learning as they happen, as close to real-time as possible in the hope that you can learn something as well.

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A New Coat of Paint

As we continue to work religiously on the the first version of the product that’s going to get into the hands of our first round test group (and you can still get early access!) we’re also spending time getting things more settled around our domain (and the name) and some of our collateral marketing pieces.

In layman’s terms, we’re quickly “growing up” as a product and company; we’re building, iterating, and refining everything and the momentum in the last few weeks have been palpable – nothing quite like it!

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A Quick Product Survey

I took a week off from posting last week and that’s because I was on vacation – go figure.

But, if you’re like me, I got pretty angsty and the break just gave me more time to think through building a compelling and useful product for software developers and teams.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I want to get as much feedback as humanly possible so I’ve put together the first (of many) quick surveys that I could use your help on. Mind giving me a few minutes of your time?

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Hey, This Newsletter Thing Can Actually Work…

It’s been an incredibly busy week in every way and I’m always so grateful for it.

Yes, sure, of course… we all have a ton of things going on but not all of our “busy-ness” is good; in fact, if I’m to be honest, there have been times in my life where the work that I was doing didn’t amount to very much and in the worst cases I knew that I was essentially wasting my time.

I hate that and I don’t want that for you nor do I want that for myself! Time is short, limited, and valuable and we should always be working on the stuff that really matters!

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