A Logo in Action

As our product matures and as we start working closely with early customers, it’s high time that we figured out how to best represent ourselves.

More specifically, we’ve been dialoguing as a team what our brand icon and typography might look like and we had an extended conversation last night as we walked through a few concept pieces.

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We Must Serve the User Through Intelligent Organization

One of the craziest things happened this past weekend and it couldn’t have been better timed (I love how that happens)! I’ll share that in a bit, but first, let me share a few thoughts about the basis upon which this important event was ever-so fortuitous…

As you know, we’ve been obsessing over the creation of a developer-centric newsfeed and we’ve been iterating on it for the past few months, which you can see through the archive of posts on this blog.

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Thoughts on The Power and Importance of Digital Reactions

Reactions. You have them, I have them, we react and respond to changes within and without our lives all the time.

What we’ve been introduced to relatively recently is the ability to react and respond digitally. It might seem like forever ago but reactions to content is still, on the much larger scale timetable, a relatively new idea.

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A New Coat of Paint

As we continue to work religiously on the the first version of the product that’s going to get into the hands of our first round test group (and you can still get early access!) we’re also spending time getting things more settled around our domain (and the name) and some of our collateral marketing pieces.

In layman’s terms, we’re quickly “growing up” as a product and company; we’re building, iterating, and refining everything and the momentum in the last few weeks have been palpable – nothing quite like it!

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On Logos, Brands, and Mascots

Every team and every project and every company, eventually, has to decide how to best represent and communicate their work to the world. Typically this is housed under the moniker of a “logo” but there’s something deep within my soul that is pretty averse to that word.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many terrible ones in my time, especially with the fly-by-night startups that popup (and then disappear) and that generally follow the soup-du-jour design mechanics and whatever is the culturally relevant design zeitgeist.

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