Betting on Relationships (and Slack)

Earlier this week we had one of our partners publicly share some news that we’re equally excited about: We’ve raised a round of venture financing that includes Slack and their investment vehicle, The Slack Fund.

And as they so thoughtfully put it, it’s a “two way street” as they are betting on us and we are definitely betting on them. You can read their full announcement here as well as a companion Forbes piece sharing the news as well.

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On Doubling Down

I’m not a card player and I barely know the rules of poker, but, I did share a room with someone who was super-serious about his game while in college and because he hosted many game nights in our small room I picked up a thing (or two).

In blackjack the term “doubling down” is a move that can promise a larger reward and outcome but only if the player is willing to also take a larger risk. If the player feels confident then you have the option to double your bet and then you pray and hope for the best.

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The Power, Importance of Dogfooding

The last few weeks have been nothing short of exciting. Not only have we become increasingly more public with our efforts (especially with Jeff’s announce) but we’ve started scheduling in time to connect with some of our early test group individuals, teams, and organizations.

Naturally, it’s tough to do the latter considering that many folks are “clocking out” for end of the year activities, holidays, and the New Year that is fast-approaching (can you believe 2016 is nearly over?!).

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The Next Thing, We Call It #EngOps

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I’d like to give you an update about what I’ve been working for the past few months since departing Appcelerator.

Nolan (who co-founded Appcelerator with me) and I joined together with our friend, John Saddington, to start a new venture. Right now, we’re calling it Pinpoint (or pinpt for short since you can’t seem to get any reasonable domain name anymore).

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A List of Tools and Services We’re Using and Experimenting With

One of the exciting things about putting a new project and business together is all of the opportunities to try and experiment with new technologies, software tools and apps that are available to the fast-paced startup.

This can also be a veritable administrative headache if done poorly and if you and your team aren’t ultimately decisive with your tooling decisions but it’s a necessary part of getting a business off the ground.

And if you start to keep track of them (which you should) you’ll be surprised at how many you accrue very quickly.

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