It’s Time for a Technical Newsfeed

A few months ago we began experimenting lightly with a newsfeed and I even built a prototype based on what we believed would be most useful for a software professional.

Although we’re one-hundred percent committed to building out our analytics platform we know that the communication of that data is just as fundamental of an ingredient so that we can move toward actionable insights.

A newsfeed, of some sort, feels about right.

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The Convergence of Product and Content

When we first started putting things together we not only began building product but we also began creating content. As mentioned in a previous post, we simply didn’t want to leave this opportunity on the table, especially since it was in the realm of our control.

And as we’ve shared we’ve experimented with a number of product iterations (e.g. news feeds, bots) as well as content strategies (e.g. email newsletters, twitter, this blog). Like any good startup, experimentation, early customer feedback, and speed are our greatest assets and a distinct competitive advantage.

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Engineering Ops: Actionable Analytics and Insights

Part of our quest to build a product that people need and want is to identify opportunities that create high levels of value for the users that we hope to attract. This is the same goal that most, if not all, product companies have and so it’s not entirely unique to us.

But what is distinctly different is how we’re going about our own discovery process and instead of asking the folks that we’re interviewing their obvious needs we are, instead, asking to help us identify what they know they don’t know.

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Experimenting with Bots

2016 was a significant year for bots, artificial intelligence, and anything around machine / deep-learning technologies and tooling. Some might say that it was the year that a lot of this came into view for the average consumer because of products like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo and Alexa.

Regardless of your position on bots for the short and/or long-term, I believe that we all can agree that their potential to radically influence the way we perceive and engage with the world is, at the very least, significantly large.

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Marketing From Day #1: Leaving Nothing to Just Chance

One of the purposes of this blog is to share, candidly, our learnings as we go about putting together a new technology product and business.

This means that, at the very least, we want to share the things that we’re learning as they happen, as close to real-time as possible in the hope that you can learn something as well.

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The Power, Importance of Dogfooding

The last few weeks have been nothing short of exciting. Not only have we become increasingly more public with our efforts (especially with Jeff’s announce) but we’ve started scheduling in time to connect with some of our early test group individuals, teams, and organizations.

Naturally, it’s tough to do the latter considering that many folks are “clocking out” for end of the year activities, holidays, and the New Year that is fast-approaching (can you believe 2016 is nearly over?!).

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Declaring Victory on Alpha 1

This past week we celebrated a neat internal victory with getting to “Code Complete” status with our Alpha 1 release. The last few weeks, especially, have flown by as we’ve been digging in and cranking on product.

We’ve also spent a bit of time sprucing up the copy of the landing page as well as our onboarding system for our early testers as well as creating a simple “Onboarding Document” for guidance.

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The Next Thing, We Call It #EngOps

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I’d like to give you an update about what I’ve been working for the past few months since departing Appcelerator.

Nolan (who co-founded Appcelerator with me) and I joined together with our friend, John Saddington, to start a new venture. Right now, we’re calling it Pinpoint (or pinpt for short since you can’t seem to get any reasonable domain name anymore).

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A New Coat of Paint

As we continue to work religiously on the the first version of the product that’s going to get into the hands of our first round test group (and you can still get early access!) we’re also spending time getting things more settled around our domain (and the name) and some of our collateral marketing pieces.

In layman’s terms, we’re quickly “growing up” as a product and company; we’re building, iterating, and refining everything and the momentum in the last few weeks have been palpable – nothing quite like it!

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